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Lymp Ents: Angel Heart Puppets ‘Freya – A Viking Saga’

We’re looking forward to seeing lots of little ones at 2.30pm on Sunday 4th December when Angel Heart & Rattlebox Theatre will bring us ‘Freya – A Viking Saga’.

Freya – A Viking Saga, with Angel Heart & Rattlebox Theatre on Sunday 4th December at 2.30pm

Let’s all go ‘a-roving’ together through the Viking world, with this hour long family show for everyone over 4
years of age, full of wonderful puppets, magical shadows, masks and the music of the fjords.

Freya, a Viking girl and friend of the gods, is in a bit of a pickle. She is about to become a giant’s dinner! Freya must use all her wits to escape old Gorm’s cooking pot and prove that friendship is “stronger than the strength of a giant and more powerful than the magic of a god.” The rivalry between the Norse gods and the Frost Giants is brought humorously to life in this colourful re-telling of two famous Viking myths and Freya’s own saga.
Tickets (£8 adults and £4 children) now available from
LympEnts Box Office, c/o Demelza Henderson, 2, Brookfield Cottages, The Strand
Telephone/Answer phone 01395 272243 or by emailing lympentsboxoffice@gmail.com

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