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Road Closures Commence

SWW works: Lympstone road closure: This work is scheduled to begin on 1st July. Devon County Council has made the following orders from Monday 3rd July:

1 No person shall except upon the direction or with permission of a Police Officer in uniform or of a Civil Enforcement Officer cause or permit any vehicle to wait or load and unload at any time on any day on any of the following lengths of road:

  • Nutwell Road from a point north of its junction with Meeting Lane to the junction with Burgmanns Hill;

  • Burgmanns Hill for its entire length;

  • The Strand from the junction with Burgmanns Hill to a point 15m west of the junction with Chapel Road;

  • Chapel Road from the junction with The Strand to the junction with Underhill;

  • Underhill from the junction with Chapel lane to a point west of the junction with Underhill Crescent.

These temporary restrictions are considered necessary to enable movement of large plant through the Village in conjunction with works to install a new sewage storage tank –

2 No person shall cause or permit any vehicle to proceed at a speed greater than 30 miles per hour on Meeting Lane from the junction with Glebelands to the junction with Strawberry Hill.

This temporary restriction is considered necessary to enable speed restriction and occasional use of STOP / GO to manage lorries turning and site entrance traffic.

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