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The Village Concert

Saturday 25th February 2017: THE VILLAGE CONCERT

The popular annual entertainment, The Village Concert, is fast approaching. Rehearsals can be heard all over the village, as a variety of performers prepare to show us just what a talented community we are. The posters that adorn the telegraph poles list many of the acts involved, though there are some surprises still to come. Young and old, new and familiar, musicians and actors, comedians and dancers, all will burst onto the stage on Saturday, 25th February.

There is a matinée at 2.30pm and an evening performance at 7.30pm – so that all who want to come to this most enjoyable of Lympstone events can find a seat.

This is the occasion when Lympstone speaks to Lympstone, and helps to fund the events presented by Lympstone Entertainments throughout the rest of the year.

Tickets are available from Demelza, and children can attend the matinee for only £1 each. Adults are £6 in the afternoon and £8 in the evening, when children are £4: all obtainable in person at 2 Brookfield Cottages, by phone at 272 243, or at  lympentsboxoffice.com

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