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Wellington, Waterloo and Pax Britannica

The 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo fell on the 18th of June this year. To commemorate this vital event in British history Colonel Graeme Wheeler is giving an illustrated talk ‘Wellington, Waterloo and Pax Britannica’ in the Village Hall on Friday evening 23 October at 7.30 pm.

Graeme says ‘The battle was the greatest of three fought in just three days to decide the fate of Europe. Wellington’s victory, the culmination of a military life in which he fought and won 44 battles, was the foundation of the century of peace from 1815 to 1914 that is now known as Pax Britannica. Understanding what happened in the Waterloo Campaign is the best way of illustrating the extraordinary genius of Arthur, Duke of Wellington and the remarkable army he commanded.’

To find out more, you will have to come to his talk! Tickets are £5 on the door, and include a free drink (alcoholic or otherwise) at the bar. Graeme is giving this talk to help raise money for the Friends of the Church – our local charity whose sole object is to maintaining the fabric of the village’s oldest and best building.

For more details, contact lympstonehistorysociety@hotmail.co.uk

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