What the Parish Council Does

The Parish Council is a local government (statutory) body, and can only do that which they are empowered to do by law. Anything else, no matter how apparently justifiable or useful will be beyond the powers of the council (ultra vires).  The Clerk will be able to advise the Parish Council on the powers they might have to carry out any particular projects.

The Parish Council was constituted by the Local Government Act 1894 taking on powers and duties which until then, had been administered by churchwardens and overseers of the poor. The current powers and duties of local councils are derived from various parts of legislation. To see the powers and duties of parish councils, click HERE ».

Primarily the Parish Council exists to discuss community affairs and exercise the powers bestowed on them. The council itself is made up of councillors, who are elected by local residents. Each parish has a clerk who acts as the chief administrative officer and, depending on its size, a number of additional staff may be employed.

Lympstone Parish Council owns

  • Candy’s Field including the Toddler Play Area, the Youth Activity trail, the bike track, the Multi-use-Games-Area and the Youth Club.
  • The Parish cemetery – For details about burials, please contact the Clerk.
  • The Green including the Slipway and the seating area.
  • The Rag (off Sowden Lane).
  • About 40 seats and benches around the Parish.
  • Six Parish Notice Boards located at:  Exe View Road, Longmeadow Road, Church Road, Trafalgar Road, under the railway arch and at the bottom of Courtlands Lane.
  • A community notice board at Trafalgar Road.

The Parish Council manages

  • The Avenue, Avenue Field and Cliff Field on behalf of the National Trust.
  • The toilets on the Underhill Car park under a lease from EDDC.

Within this area of the site you will find details of the work of Lympstone Parish Council and contact details of all your Councillors. Additionally you may contact:

The Parish Clerk at lympstonepc@gmail.com.

The Chairman of the Parish Council – see Council Members »

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