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Community Access Project update

Oct 26, 2022

As everyone is aware, a route that connects the upper and lower village and runs between the village hall and tennis courts is a series of steps, worn grass and uneven slopes. To one side of it are various steps and steep ramps into the rooms of the village hall; to the other side a steep slope down to the tennis courts.

The hall and the tennis club are both valued community assets along this well-used path that also links to the church, school, pre-school, youth hut, car park and Candy’s Field.
The village hall trustees feel it is important to address the safety of this area for the whole community, whether when visiting the hall or tennis club or just walking off-road through the village.
Hilton Barnfield Architects have helped devise a plan, which addresses the problem through the creation of a series of gentler ramps and level decked areas, making it a much safer thoroughfare. The added benefits of this plan are many. The village hall will be able to offer disabled access to all its rooms; the through route will be pushchair and wheelchair friendly. The proposal also provides a social outdoor gathering space and improved seating and viewing for the tennis club.

Even as a joint initiative this is a large and expensive project for the village hall and the tennis club to fund by themselves. Given the benefit to the entire community, we are busy making appeals to Lympstone Parish Council, EDDC and other funding sources for help and support.  Lets hope the additional funding can be found to allow the groundwork to go ahead soon, improving the safety and enjoyment of the space for us all.

The Village Hall Trustees


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