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Thanks from Graham Wills

Feb 27, 2022


I was involved with the Dance for over 70 years, 56 years as Lead Dancer and twenty as Chairman of the Friends of the Furry Dance committee. May I take this opportunity to thank all of you who have ever taken part in the Lympstone Village Furry Dance The many that took the time and effort to dress up and dance over the years to make it what it is. The many that through the years have organised countless activities to raise the money to allow the event to take place, our sponsors and the money collectors. A special thank you to my deceased mate Boney who collected endlessly for years. Those that have organised dog shows, fancy dress competitions and stall holders. Those that have moved tables and chairs, put up and taken down flags, a big thank you, but too many to individually mention. A special thank you to the former Lympstone Village Silver band who started the dance off in the early 1900s, and the Committee who organise it today.

On a personnel note a special thank you to all my past dance partners especially Jenny McNie who lead the dance with me for 25 years, Brenda Whipp who stepped in to lead it with me at last minute notices, and my most recent partner Margaret. Thanks to Jaquie and Chris Doak who danced behind me for many years and stores records and The Lympstone Village Furry Dance is not about one person, but the Villagers and local businesses and the whole Village working as a team, thank you all so very much.  Please support the Lympstone Village Furry dance it is unique to our Village so please keep it that way.
Graham Wills

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