Friends of the Church

Do you remember how we celebrated in 2009 when the church tower was 600 years old? Our church has always been central in village life; not only marking the great festivals of the Christian year and great occasions such as the Queen’s 90th birthday but also the place to which many of us turn for more personal reasons to commemorate and remember the lives of loved ones or on happier occasions weddings and christenings. Its the greatest and the grandest building we have.

The Friends of the Church is a village charity whose sole purpose is to raise funds to help maintain its fabric. You may know us because we organise fund raising events, including the annual cricket match when the village team takes on the St Peters School staff, or our Curry Lunch in November . We also run a Lottery where, for a mere £6, you have the chance each month of an enormous prize! (£25!)

Its great to have such a historic and beautiful building, but its only there because over the centuries our predecessors have maintained it. So please help to ensure that it stays in good condition for us to enjoy and to hand on in our turn. If you would like to know more or have ideas for fund raising events please be in touch with Ian Scott on 01395 227556 or 

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