Wild About Lympstone

Our vision:
  • The Wild About Lympstone group recognises the importance and value of local wildlife both for the health of our natural environment and our own personal wellbeing.
  • We encourage and support individual and community action that strengthens our connection with nature, and each other, and helps to maintain, restore, and enhance local wildlife and the natural landscapes it depends on.
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Contact us: 
Rebecca Abrahams email: rebecca_abrahams@yahoo.com
Mary Truell (01395 276793 ) email: truell@me.com 


Wildlife Festival June 2023



Read Mary Truell’s article about the wildlife festival here
Watch film of the day by Brian Mather here


Read a few of our stories about what nature means to us (from the Wild About Lympstone Wildlife Festival, June 2023)


Story 3 (below)



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View our Lympstone Herald articles in the magazine and on the home page of village website under ‘Positive Lympstone’


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