The Friends of Underhill Surgery offer a service to Lympstone residents who are registered at the Claremont practice through which we provide transport to and from appointments at the surgery or at local (Exmouth & Exeter) hospitals. In addition, the service is available to deliver medicines to the patient’s home.

You can join the scheme for a cost of just £5 per year and then charges for transport are as follows:

To Exeter hospitals (return) £12.00 (plus car parking if applicable)
Double journey over 2 hrs £24.00
To Exmouth hospital (return) £6.00 (plus car parking if applicable)
Village journeys (to/from surgery) £3.00
Village journeys (medicine delivery) £2.00

Interested in joining the scheme? Contact Underhill Surgery
… or …
Norma Exelby, “Old London”, The Strand, Lympstone. Tel: 01395-266116

Interested in becoming a driver? We are always looking for new volunteers to join our friendly group of drivers. Contact Gillian Hipkins, “Tidewatch”, Burgmanns Hill, Lympstone. Tel: 01395-224442

For further information leaflets are available at Underhill Surgery or contact Gillian Hipkins, transport coordinator, at

Copies of the forms describing journey costs and driver reimbursement may be obtained here.