ED Local Plan Review May 2022

Currently the East Devon Local Plan expires in 2026. 

The current review will last until 2040 and will include housing developments to meet set Government housing needs.  The following sites have been proposed by EDDC and as a Parish we must put forward our own needs to be considered.

The larger sites identified by EDDC would house up to 140 new builds.  Any smaller infill sites around the Parish that you think could be added must be large enough to develop at least 5 new properties.   Therefore, please view the sites on the maps and record your responses below next to each site for LPC to collate and return to EDDC for their review.  Please consider: access, infrastructure, drainage, sewage, local facilities, employment, public transport and wildlife.

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Lympstone 01 Land near Underhill Crescent
Lympstone 02 Land Top of Clay Lane Adjacent to Church Path
Site Lympstone 06 Courtlands Lane Nursery and Garage Sites
Lympstone 07 Courtlands Lane running up to Courtlands Cross
Lympstone 08, 09, 10/15 all off Hulham Road
Site Lympstone 11 Field NE of St Peters
Site GH/ED/72 North Side of Meeting Lane
Site GH/ED/73 South Side of Meeting Lane
Site GH/ED/74 Land to East Side of Strawberry
Site GH/ED/75 To Rear of Grange Close


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