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Church Road Closed access to school from Longmeadow/Church Road

Church Road will be closed from 16th March for three days.

Jurassic Fibre Limited   https://jurassic-fibre.com/
Reference: C9001SWD07WP5221SD
Proposed Start Date: 16 March 2022 08:00
Estimated End Date: 18 March 2022 17:00

Works Description: – Contractors are to provide 1 x core drill, install 1 x toby box with swept T and a 15.5m overlay in total (9.7m in CW tarmac & 5.8m In the FW tarmac). The new overlay will be going from the existing JRC at the base of DP 1357 to the boundary of Holly cottage, where 1 x toby box with swept T will be installed. Rod and rope upon completion.

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