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Freecycling Days

Freecycling Days 12th / 13th March
We are repeating the idea of a freecycling day – but two days this time.
The October day last year seemed to be helpful in terms of getting rid of things and for the acquisition of useful other things.  A bonus was that it seemed to generate quite a bit of fun, helped, of course, by sunshine.
The idea is that you put outside your house, in a safe position, anything you want to get rid of on the basis that the items may be of use to someone else.
This worked well last time – but for one event….  Some gardening tools, put down so the owner could get a cuppa, were taken by someone who assumed they were ‘give-aways’.
Lesson learnt: we suggest you label clearly the items that are free (and be careful what else you leave around outside your gate on those days!).
People have let me know there are likely to be items out for freecycling in the following roads:
Grange Close,
Burgmann’s Hill,
Pump Lane 
The Strand. 
However if it is anything like the last freecycling event, there will be items put out in many many more roads than just those! 

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