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Lympstone QUIZ (and answers)

Answers on Monday evening (6th April)

Can you identify these 10 locations in and around the village? PDF version


1. Benches beside the Sailing Club (Harbour)
2. Pedestrian Bridge between Cliff Field and Parsonage Style (over railway and cycle path)
3. Sowden Lane (opposite Courtlands Road)
4. The Cycle Path sign at Sowden End
5. Railway bridge at Underhill (facing towards Chapel Road)
6. The viewpoint in Cliff Field (opposite the plank bench)
7. Footpath style opposite Clay Lane
8. The beach at Parsonage Style
9. Washing on the Foreshore
10. Nutwell Road (last bend on way out of village) opposite The Rectory. The purple flower is called ‘Honesty’.

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