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Seaglass Gallery ‘Time and Tide’ exhibition


(Seaglass Gallery 4th-12th Nov)

The welcoming, historic estuary village of Lympstone is the fulcrum of this artistic exploration of time and tide.

While this week-long, solo exhibition can be enjoyed merely as a collection of beautiful moments, there is greater significance in the choice of subject matter.
During the exhibition, a visitors book allows people anonymously to add their thoughts about the common phrase “Time and tide wait for no man”, which inspired the scenes that artist
Julie Dunster focused on for her firs solo exhibition at Seaglass Gallery, Lympstone.

By capturing light and colours directly from life, Julie evokes recognisable times of day and season; from the glare of the midday sun, the golden notes of sunset, the silver slipstream of a
swimming swan. The reassuring repetition of nature is coupled with the intimate, yet somehow universal memorable moments in Julie’s paintings-a tired child being carried on the beach, another playing in the wet sand or lifting her dress above lapping waves. A woman hanging out washing at sunset, dog walkers on the beach, or people rock-pooling.

An age-old relationship between people and the water is explored through paintings of dinghies and boats sailing or at anchor, or Lympstone village scenes dotted with reminders of its
fishing history. With over 35 original oil paintings, ranging from postcard to fireplace-sized, this exhibition is a must see for lovers of marine art. It is also a reminder about the passage of time and the importance of enjoying the moment and making memories. On social media, Julie will be sharing thoughts and photos about her exhibition title from contributors with differing life experiences. These include a Guinness World Record Breaker, a TED talker, an Atlantic rower, a radio presenter, a world traveller and a career changer.

On Instagram Julie is known as @pressinglifespausebutton.

All the profits from card sales during the solo exhibition will be donated in aid of Alzheimer’s Society.

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