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Workshop: Miniature Teddies


Workshop in making miniature teddies / other figures with Jenny Moon – Friday 16th October 10am-12noon

This is a flexible weaving technique using pipe cleaners, kitchen paper and wool.  Bring  scissors, some pipe cleaners  (craft shops) if you have them, a ball of wool and a  largish needle which will take the wool. If you want to do an animal other than a teddy, bring a picture to guide you!

My workshops are open to all. They are in my house (plenty of room to socially distance for 6 people). Wear masks if you like. Bring your own drink flask/ snack. When a workshop is full I will set up another one.

I will charge £1 per person to contribute towards materials and I suggest a donation of £3 towards my support for Oxfam.

Phone number is 01395-708850

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