Ray the Postman

Ray the Postman

Dear Friends

You may have already heard the news that our very loyal postman, Ray, has been told he must move his delivery round from Lympstone to Littleham. We were saddened to hear this and want Royal Mail to reconsider. If enough individuals write to Royal Mail, Exmouth we may be able to influence them. The method of deciding rounds was chosen to be by the longest serving being able to select the round of their choice, and Lympstone was picked by someone who does not know the village. We feel that loyalty works both ways and the 17 years that Ray, knowing everyone, has given such great service to our village should be upheld as more important than change be choice. He looks out for those who are vulnerable and issues of safety and security, a true community village postman and more.

Please write to

Mr Ashley Cooper
Delivery Manager
Royal Mail

If you wish to drop letters off at Amanzi, Harefield Drive, Lympstone we will deliver them to the sorting office, Exmouth. Debbie and Peter in the Newsagents will also collect them

We copied our letter as a complaint to this web address to let ‘head office’ know of our concern. https://royalmailemailform.datasquirt.co.uk  (finding this by googling was quite tortuous!)

Please help to advertise this cause through any contacts you may have. Ray has served Lympstone for 17 years. He wants to stay as our postman. He is and feels he is part of the community. Ray, is being forced to move to another round. Lympstone residents want Ray to stay. He is known and appreciated by all. Royal Mail must rethink the allocation of postal ‘rounds’. These changes appear to be founded on ‘first in first pick’ but take no account of loyal service to a community and local knowledge. Villagers know from experience the problems which occur with holiday relief postmen often floundering, delivering to the wrong house. Whilst any postman will, in time, learn the layout of houses Ray is so much a part of the community and ‘looks out’ for those who are vulnerable and issues of safety and security. We ask you to reconsider this decision and reinstate our postman who we appreciate so much.

Ray has nothing to do with this letter or growing support in the village, but is aware that we are writing as it was only fair to inform him.

Jennifer and Brian Mather- 01395 278594 – fbmather@btinternet.com

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