1st Lympstone Beaver Scouts

1st Lympstone Beaver Scouts

September 14th was a landmark date in the re-opening of the Scout Group, the launch of the Beaver Colony for six to eight year olds. Thanks to the efforts of leader, Catherine Escott, and her assistants, 20 youngsters enjoyed a range of activities. This success has continued over the past weeks.

Indeed, so enthusiastic has been the response that we have had to introduce a waiting list. Our search for additional leaders/helpers has attracted a considerable response with a number of applications being processed, which should enable the Cub and, possibly, Scout sections to open in the not too distant future. So, having identified and responded to the demand for Scouting in Lympstone, and, hopefully, filling the requirement for leaders what’s the next step?

Before we can go any further our existing nucleus of a committee needs to grow – we need a new treasurer and secretary, plus a few more friendly souls interested in the development of Scouting in the village. For the immediate future, expect to see the Beavers on parade on Remembrance Sunday and if you can spare the time and a pound or two we would love to see to see you at our Christmas Bingo evening, which will be at the Village Hall on November 17th. For information, to join or to offer help please telephone: 270623.

Mike Hales

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