Daisy Bastin (nee Fryer) who was a 108 in May 2016, visited Lympstone today and was welcomed by Doreen Flowers and Win Martin, (who remembered the Fryer / Bastin family) plus members of the Lympstone History Society Mary Turner, Diana Letcher and Angela Coles.
Daisy was brought up in 12 Harefield Cottage next to Peters’ Tower in a tiny two bedroom cottage with her parents and 3 brothers & 3 sisters. Her father was in charge of the tower’s clock.
Married life took Daisy to Exmouth.
Daisy who still lives in her own home in Glastonbury, and is as bright as a button and enjoying life to the full, travelled to Lympstone with her carer Lisa Drew and husband and after a meal in the Swan Inn was going to visit old haunts before visiting nephew Peter Fryer who still lives in the village.