Affordable housing

Affordable housing

Does Lympstone need more affordable housing for local people?

Over the last few years a number of new ‘affordable’ homes have been built in Lympstone. However, we still are concerned that there are needs amongst local people that have not been met. The information gathered in 2008 by the Rural Housing Trust now needs to be updated. The best way to identify the latest requirements is to carry out a further Parish Housing Needs Survey.

With this in mind a questionnaire has been delivered to all households, with their Lympstone Herald. This has been prepared by the Community Council of Devon, a charity that works with rural communities to identify and address local housing need. The survey aims to find out whether there is a need for housing, especially affordable housing, for local people in the parish. Whether you consider yourself in need or not, the information you provide is most important, so when the form arrives please spend a few minutes filling in the form.

The information provided will greatly assist the Parish Council to make the correct decisions. Please be assured that the information you provide will remain confidential and only seen by Parish Councillors in a statistical form. If you require assistance in completing the form, or have any questions regarding affordable housing, please contact John Scott, the Rural Housing Officer at the Community Council, on 01392 383419 or email on Please return the form in the envelope provided (no stamp is needed)

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