Carol Tolson

Carol Tolson

A tribute from Lympstone Players, Lympstone Entertainments and Lympstone Folk

Carol Tolson, who tragically died on 2nd March following a skiing accident, was widely loved and admired by so many. In spite of her very busy life, she more than generously gave an immense amount of her talent and love of music to the village.

The Lympstone Players, Lympstone Entertainments and, recently, the Jazz and Folk group, all benefited from her knowledge and will always be grateful. Her musical direction of the last two pantomimes was phenomenal. She gave unstintingly of her precious time, organising the band, arranging the music and rehearsing with absolutely everyone in the cast. And everyone, from the youngest to the oldest and all those front and back of house, loved her. Those of us lucky enough to have her play with or accompany them in the Village Concert will never forget the fun it all was – hard work but so much laughter!

But Carol as a pianist was not only a fine accompanist. In the Players’ production of The Hollow Crown, she was called upon to play the Beethoven Variations on God Save the King. It was a performance that stole the show, a memorable and thrilling demonstration that Carol was a classical pianist of high quality. The applause for her was thunderous.

The tribute from Ron Gordon of Lympstone Folk speaks for us all. “Carol was a truly wonderful person. She was not only very talented and quite inspirational, but also completely modest and unassuming.”

Carol’s husband, Robin, and their lovely daughters, Lizzie and Alice, supported Carol so brilliantly in everything she did in Lympstone and everyone would like to thank them for giving so much of their time as well as sharing her with us.

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