Courtlands Cross – Again!

Courtlands Cross – Again!

Strategic Land Partnerships are at it again!

They have submitted a new planning application for Courtlands Cross (Ref 13/2025/MOUT) on the EDDC Planning Website. Whilst it is on a smaller scale than before the threat to our Green Wedge is the same. If approved it will open the door to further development that will eventually lead to coalescence between Exmouth and Lympstone.

Last time we defeated them through our strong response with 600+ objections. The Inspector praised us and found our fields ‘unsuitable for housing’ since this ‘would seriously harm the character and appearance of the area, including the setting and identity of the village of Lympstone.’

Our case is even stronger now. The fields are in the Coastal Protection Area, and the proposed development contradicts the Parish Council’s Neighbourhood Plan (NP).   However SLP have been cunning and have made their application before the NP can be ratified at referendum, and before EDDC’s Local Plan has been finalised.

SLP think this gives them carte blanche to build where they wish, regardless of the views of local people. If you oppose this development you need to act now:

• Come to the Neighbourhood Plan Exhibition to register support

• Attend the Parish Council (Village Hall 7.30  on 7th October) to ensure they follow their own policy and oppose the development

• Send your objections to East Devon District Council before 10th October – use the new web site that makes this easy

• Keep up to date with all the news at Courtlands Cross – Protect our Parish Identity This new web site gives all the arguments and tells you how to object.

Cllr Rob Longhurst is the Parish Council Planning Champion – let him know your views


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