Well as we move into the weekend the hard work is all behind us. (Yes that 4 legger is me – just what have I started!)
The team spent 3 hrs yesterday evening going through our statements word by word – as they say practice makes perfect. There have been a number of e-mails between us and The Inspector and in brief here a few points to give you the very latest updates;-
1. The Lympstone Community evidence will be given on WEDNESDAY
2. The proceedings are expected to finish THURSDAY
3. The Inspector is expected to walk the site FRIDAY am
These are the currently expected timings but things could well change so watch this site for updates – if you just happen to walk your dog, ride your bike or go for a run when he is visiting then it is just a coincidence!
4. Of importance – Devon County Council Highways withdrew their objection to the development in December – we only heard of this on the 20th December and had it confirmed on 3rd January. There is no room here to go into the details but frankly I am disgusted and think their decision scandelous. (Given we are still waiting for their “minutes” on a Cycle Path meeting on 14th November I suppose I should not be surprised!) Don Mildenhall has done an absolutely wonderful job of getting together a facts based evidence presentation that exposes the whole traffic issue associated with this proposed development – it deserves its space at a Lympstone Film Night. I just hope The Inspector agrees to admit Don’s work as evidence.
5. Finally here is a link you may – no will – enjoy. It’s an interview with our PM on BBC Countryfile – seriously it is very good and I have included it in my evidence David Cameron you need to go to about 11min.
So now off for a glass of wine.
Here’s to a succesful time next week – watch this space.
Rob Longhurst