Courtlands Development Update

Courtlands Development Update

As you are no doubt aware the “Courtlands Development” has moved forward. Strategic Land Partnerships have filed for an appeal due to East Devon District Council’s failure to determine the second application within the statutory time period.

This is surprising as both parties were in discussion to resolve issues and only leave outstanding the main strategic reasons for refusal. In doing this EDDC were giving SLP every opportunity to present a reasoned case and were ensuring that they (EDDC) were seen to be “reasonable and equitable” should the application have to go to appeal.

The appeal process now follows a strict time line.

Firstly EDDC Development Management Committee (Planning) will formally consider the second application on Tuesday 15th November at 2pm in the Council Chamber, The Knowle, Sidmouth. We anticipate that they will reject the application.

The Appeal is then scheduled for Tuesday 24th January in the Town Hall, Exmouth.

Following the meeting on the 15th I will be seeking an urgent meeting with the Appeal Officer to see what we as a community can do to assist the appeal. I already have produced a very large “file of evidence” that documents, formally, what we as a community have already done.

I know that many of you have questions to ask – What does this all mean? Will there be a technical/legal team hired to defend our/EDDC case? Do our objections still stand? Do we need to write again? What else can we do?

The answer to all these is – please wait and watch . I promise that as soon as I have had the meeting with EDDC I will respond to these questions. What we must not do is dissipate our efforts – the next stage needs very careful planning and coordinated actions.

Be assured this is my number one priority for November.

Rob Longhurst

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