Courtlands Update – Wednesday 25th January

Courtlands Update – Wednesday 25th January

Today at the Courtlands Cross Planning Enquiry Lympstone’s second batch of evidence was heard. A bit of a daunting prospect for all concerned as without doubt this was one of the most important days in Lympstone’s history – it was the day we had to convince The Planning Inspector that the land between Exmouth and Lympstone had to be preserved from development in order to ensure the survival of Lympstone as we know and love it.

The day started with EDDC giving evidence on “landscaping” in its broadest terms – this covered suitability and visual impact. The officer from EDDC put on a good show and stuck to his guns under cross-examination. It went until after 3 with a 3/4 hr stop for lunch. The biggest issue was that the EDDC barrister insisted asking his client questions after the cross-examination – and not very helpful ones!!
So, at last,  I was called to speak. Nervous … well no polite comment! At least the Inspector got a few honest facts and realises now this development is not an “extension of urban Exmouth” and I think the SLP solicitor even started to take notice! I did my best. Just when they may have thought the Lympstone storm had passed Don Mildenhall waded in with a very convincing arguement on traffic generation – he even re-butted their rebuttal (very painful) and their solicitor declined to put up any defense other than a couple of questions. They might then have thought it was all over – no chance! Helen Dimond tore into their plans on the basis of sustainabilty. Their boss (Terry Adams) had left by now!

It was nearing 5pm and SLP were looking at their watches – oh no – one more wicket to go. So, finally, Mark Robertson delivered a heart felt and impassioned plea on behalf of Courtlands Lane, dog walkers, cyclists, joggers and anyone else using the East Devon Way. With the evidence from yesterday I felt overall a very good balance of facts, emotion and judgement. We did our best and I think we attracted the Inspector’s attention to the key facts – it is now up to him.

I must say I/we found the Inspector very fair and accommodating and feel he went out of his way to assist us to make the best of our time in front of him. We may or may not agree with his final judgement, but I feel confident that he will weigh the evidence presented to him, reject what he considers erroneous and reach his conclusions in a fair and unbiased manner – we can ask no more.

Tomorrow the last two witnesses for EDDC will give evidence and then it will be the turn of SLP. Below are the links to the evidence presented by your team as intended – there were a number of alterations because of previous evidence and cross-examination that we needed to refute or contradict.

Thanks to all who gave evidence and also those behind the team who provided invaluable help, but who wish to stay anonomous due to their proffesional status.

Keep watching.

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