End of term

End of term

Everyone at school is looking forward to this very special time of year. I love my job at Christmastime and feel blessed to be in the company daily of 190 excited and awestruck children.

Our annual carol concerts took place in the Parish Church on Tuesday the 13th and Wednesday the 14th of December, beginning at 1:30pm and 6:30pm respectively. The evening performance was open to members of our school community only, but everyone was welcome to come to the afternoon concert. No charge! Christmas artwork by some of our children is also be on display in the church from Friday 9th December.

Traditional school Christmas lunch, Class Christmas parties and our annual Christmas hamper draw all took place in the last week of term before school closes for the holidays on 16th December.

Our school continues to burst at the seams with pupils. Efforts to use the Church Room site for chronically needed additional accommodation have proved unsuccessful so far. We are now looking at ways of increasing classroom space in the new year using the school playground.

May I take the opportunity to wish all readers a lovely Christmas on behalf of children, teachers and governors of your village primary school.

Tony Priest, Headteacher

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