Exe Estuary Trail

Exe Estuary Trail


Thank you to the large number of people who signed the petition to Devon County Council to create an alternative route for the EET alongside the railway line from Sowden End to Lympstone Station. We plan to send it to DCC soon. However, we have been advised that a petition only counts as one request (bizarrely). To have any significant impact, we will all need to send individual letters as well. Even if you did not sign the petition you can send a letter now.

This is a real opportunity to maximise the impact of the Petition – so please:

1. Write a letter to Devon County Council. The basic requirements are listed below, and a sample letter is available at the Newsagent (the old Post Office) or below (see link). Note: If there are several people in your household, please write a letter each.

2. Put the letter (in an envelope) in the box at the Newsagent (the old Post Office) –by 29th January or give it to one of the coordinators (listed below). No stamp is required; we are planning to hand deliver all of the letters together with the Petition and a cover letter to Devon County Council.

3. Contact one of the Coordinators if you have any questions or wish to have an electronic copy of the sample letter.

4. Visit the stand under the bridge by the Station on Saturday 25th January from 10-12 am if you want any assistance with writing letters or have any other questions.

5. Record any accidents or near misses in the new Accident Book in the Newsagent (old Post Office), or email details to Pat Squire. This is very important in order to provide evidence to DCC of the safety risks associated with the existing route.

Basic letter requirements:
• Address to Committee Secretariat, Office of the Chief Executive, County Hall, Topsham Road, Exeter, EX2 4QD.
• Include your name and address.
• Have a clear heading, e.g., ‘Request for an off-road route for the Exe Estuary Trail through Lympstone’.
• State your main reasons for requesting an alternative route. The most compelling reason is safety.
• Include your own practical experience where possible.
• Include any other reasons important to you, e.g. the negative impact on the village community along The Strand.
• Sign and date the letter.

Coordinators’ contact details
• Judith Carter, Tel. 274104 email: Judith Carter

• Pat Squire, Tel. 279242 email: Pat Squire

• Clem Davies, Tel. 277755 email:Clem Davies

Link to sample letter = SAMPLE LETTER

Judith Carter




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