Exe Estuary Trail

Exe Estuary Trail

Devon County Council have visited the village to see whether they can improve safety on the road section used by the Exe Estuary Trail by proposing ways to slow down speeding cyclists. The Parish Council is awaiting their proposals.

Three incidents were recorded during April in the book at the Newsagents: damage to a plant container on The Strand by a cyclist; a near miss between a cyclist and a pedestrian; and a 91 year old Lympstone cyclist was nearly knocked off their bike by another cyclist coming down Station Hill.

Remember to report any accidents, collisions and abusive or threatening behaviour, by phoning the police using the 101 number.

We want to gather some photos and videos of congestion and dangerous situations on the road section of the trail through the village so if you have a phone or camera, take a picture and send it to me with the date and time they were taken to judith_carter@hotmail.com


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