First Response Flood Protection

First Response Flood Protection

The Parish Council has received a grant of over £900 to provide first response flood protection equipment. This equipment includes lockable grit bins, 3 of which will contain coarse sand for sand bags and the other will be used to store other equipment including sand bags (provided by EDDC), scoops to fill them with, ‘Absorbees’ which are used to protect door openings and ‘hydra barriers’ which can be filled with water and then used to divert the flow of flood water or stop it from going into some areas.

The equipment will be managed by a team of volunteer Flood Wardens co-ordinated by Alan Burton. I am sure that all residents will be grateful for the work that this happy team do to protect areas of the village that are under threat from flooding. This is not intended to be a firm solution to flooding but to give initial protection at short notice. The Parish Council continues to work with the Environment Agency to develop solutions to the bigger question of flooding in the Parish. It is clear that whilst some works will ease the problems and equipment such as this will offer some re-assurance, the only real solution lies in works much higher up the Wotton Brook and its feeder streams to hold back the flow of surface water from The Common and agricultural land in the very north of the Parish.

Article taken from the January edition of the Lympstone Herald


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