Important message from the NHS Northern, Eastern and Western Devon Clinical Commissioning Group

As you may be aware, NHS Northern, Eastern and Western Devon Clinical Commissioning launched a wide-ranging consultation and engagement with the public on 7 October over proposals to improve the way elderly and frail people are cared for in the Eastern locality of Devon. The Eastern locality includes Exeter, East Devon, Mid Devon and parts of West Devon including Okehampton.

Your Future Care proposes changes which will, if adopted, provide care and support in people’s homes and in the community, preventing unnecessary hospital admissions and supporting a faster return home.

It is about deciding the location of community hospital inpatient beds in Eastern locality while giving people reassurance as to the improved care they can expect instead, in their own homes.

The consultation document is available here. A Questionnaire can be completed here, and posted back to us.

Over the coming weeks the document will be increasingly available in public libraries, GP surgeries, hospitals and leisure centres as well as other key public buildings.

A full range of public events in which the public can have their say on the proposals will be published shortly and these will also be available on our website in the first instance and in local media.