Good practice for posting notices

Good practice for posting notices

Recommended ‘Good Practice’ on posting notices on telegraph and other poles in the village:

For many years, notices have been posted on the telegraph and other poles and columns around the village promoting various activities.  This is regarded as ‘Fly-Posting’ and is illegal. However, the enforcing authority has not taken any action provided that the activity is used moderately by local groups. This generally refers to those based in Lympstone.

When posting notices on poles, the Parish Council would like individuals, Lympstone-based organisations and businesses to follow the following Good Practice:

1 Only notices advertising specific events in the Parish should be posted. Notices about general activities for business or voluntary groups should be avoided.

2 Notices should be restricted to A4 size.

3 Notices should not be posted more than one month before the start of any event.

4 Notices should be removed within one week of any event that has been advertised.

This Good practice does not apply to posters on notice boards or on private property.

Tony Le Riche

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