Help needed at Lympstone Station

Help needed at Lympstone Station

For many years volunteers from the village have kept our station looking attractive. Prior to the pandemic,, Viv Day organised a group who tended and watered the planters on the platform, and twice a year we had a Saturday morning working party to tidy the Station Hill embankment, wonderfully planted up by Dawn Chapman.

None of this was possible during lockdown.  Though an unknown, kindly person has kept the platform flowers going, the embankment has got overgrown with log brambles threatening to push pedestrians out into the path of traffic.

I have had a meeting with GWR, who are keen to help with funding and resources, including a heavy strim (under our supervision) to get the embankment back under control, and provision of water butts on the platform.  They have other ambitious ideas too, if we can find volunteers to take part.

I would love to hear from anyone willing to put in an hour or so from time to time to get the station are looking good again – and especially from someone happy to co-ordinate a small group.


Tony Day, Friends of Lympstone Village Station (phone 268653) (email: )


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