Is he tennis’s Tennyson?

Is he tennis’s Tennyson?

Bounce bounce bounce bounce

thwackety wackety zingety ping

hittety backety pingety zang

wack, thwok, thwack, pok

thwikety, thwekity, thwokity, thwakity

cover the court with alarming alacrity.

Matt Harvey, who was the Wimbledon tennis championship’s first poet-in-residence last summer, is reading his witty topical verse in Lympstone on Saturday, 16th April. He can be heard regularly on Radio 4’s Saturday Live, but you have to hear him live in person to really appreciate just how funny he is. He writes about everything from streakers to particle physics, from kippers to curtains. He brings his one-man cabaret show, Wondermentalist, to the Village Hall (next to the tennis courts!) for Lympstone Entertainments. Harland Walshaw, who has heard him perform in Bristol, says, “It will be a joyful evening, full of laughter and astonishment. Don’t miss it.”

Up loops a lob with a teasing temerity

leaps in the air in defiance of gravity

puts it away with a savage severity

coupled with suavity



(reaches for towel with a certain serenity).

Tickets for Wondermentalist are now on sale at Lympstone Post Office, or by telephoning 01395 263928.

More details can be found at

Our contribution to the celebrations for the 150th Anniversary of the coming of the railway is also poetic. For two weeks from 28th April we will put up some railway poems on our boards around the village and on a new specially-erected board on the station itself. Several of you have made suggestions for appropriate verses, although we shall keep the final selection secret until they actually appear. But one poem/song has been recommended by more than one of you. We obviously have some Flanders & Swann fans amongst our friends.

John Eaton-Terry

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