It’s election time

It’s election time

Elections for new Councillors for East Devon and Lympstone Parish Council will be held on 5th May 2011. This will be an opportunity for new, prospective candidates to put their names forward. The Parish Council has co-opted two Councillors recently, Di Beatty and David Young, so that they will get a taste of Parish Council life before the elections. On 28th March 2011, there will be the Annual Village Meeting. This will be an open evening when the work of a Councillor will be explained to anyone who thinks they might be interested. There is no committment at this stage but it might help you to make up your mind.

This Village Meeting will start with the Chairman of the Devon Association of Local Councils presenting David Atkins with a Long Service Award to congratulate him for 42 years service on the Parish Council. David also has extensive service on the District Council, so this shows that getting elected is not a bad thing to do.

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