Jubilee celebrations for 2012

Jubilee celebrations for 2012

HM The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Celebrations 2 – 5 June 2012.

The first public meeting was held on 29th November 2011 to come up with ideas for ways in which the Village can celebrate this major national event. The Parish Council has already agreed to take the lead in encouraging all Village organisations to be involved in various events so that everyone in the Village is able to take part.

The national format for the celebrations is to be:

Sporting events, a big Sunday lunch, a chain of 2012 beacons around the country and a Thanksgiving Service.

In Lympstone, the following suggestions were raised at the first public meeting:

The Village Hall has been provisionally reserved for the weekend, but the Function Room is in use for an Art Exhibition.

Cllr Carter has discussed a river pageant with the Sailing Club as part of its programme for next year. The Sailing Club have agreed to include this in their programme.

The PCC are planning a service, flower display and possibly a peel of bells.

CTCRM is to be invited to be involved in the church celebrations.

The PTFA are considering events.

The Parish Council will find out about the process for street closures for street parties. Details will be published as soon as they are available.  The Parish Council will consider distributing mugs to all children under 11 in the parish. It was noted that 250 may be needed.

The History Society will consider a photo-book of people standing in front of their houses as a local record of both.

Volunteers are needed to take responsibility for one or more of the flower beds for the year. Mrs Netherington will ask if the Beavers could take responsibility for a flower bed as a badge project.

The Furry Dance Committee will be asked to have the bunting up in time for the celebrations.

There will be an approach to the Football Club, the Tennis Club, and the Cricket Club regarding Jubilee matches.

There will be a Village Fun Run

Robert Harrison is to be asked to organise a ‘Beating of the bounds’.

Consideration to be given to a permanent memorial including a tree and the photobook

The Environment Agency to be asked to provide a flagpole that was to be provided as part of completion of the flood gates works. If one is in place, the Lympstone flag to be flown.

The Twinning Committee to be asked if they wish to arrange an event.

The Youth Club to be asked if they wish to arrange an event and to make the hall available.

The WI have offered to assist others in the arranging and holding of events. They may also arrange an event of their own, such as a tapestry or sewing event leading up to the celebrations. Jubilee jam was also mentioned!

There will be a beacon on Cliff Field. Consideration is to be given to an event on Cliff Field during the day and/or evening around this and fireworks to finish..

The Lympstone Band to be requested to play at one of the events.

The Furry Dance Committee and the Sailing Club are to be asked to offer marquees for use on Candy’s Field.

Investigation into the closure of one of the main roads into the Village for a big street party with a possible charge for tables in order to help meet costs.

A Jubilee Poem for Lympstone.

Cllr Carter will compile CDs of 1950’s music to play at parties. If you can offer any suggestions or music for recording, please let Chris know what you have.

Most events will have a cost involved, especially fireworks which will be expensive due to high demand at this time. The Parish Council will include some money in its budget for next year, but if groups could organise fundraising activities to meet the cost of their events, this will be very welcome.

A J Le Riche

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