Jubilee community portrait – be a part of it!

Jubilee community portrait – be a part of it!

The inhabitants of Lympstone are signing up to be photographed in front of their houses for the Jubilee project. Some 100 households have already volunteered, and the photographers have started work.

Here is your chance to go down in history, for it is the Lympstone History Society that will become the custodian of these pictures down the generations, enabling your descendents to look back through the mists of time, to envisage your life in the Diamond year of 2012.

We are not just looking for those of you who live in historic houses. We want inhabitants of cottages and bungalows, old and new, of flats and mansions, terraces and semis, modern estates as well as cob and thatch, Jackson’s Meadow as well as The Manor House, those born in the village as well as the newest of newcomers, those who are renting as well as home owners, the young, the middle aged and the old. Lympstone is notable for its variety, of people and of houses, and we hope to show just how varied it is at the beginning of the 21st century.

The more of you who face the photographers, the better representation of the village this archive will be. Join the swelling throng, don’t be left out, help us to record our village at a particular moment in its history – and smile, please!

To be part of this Jubilee community portrait, please let us know that you are willing to be photographed in front of your house by emailing johngc66@gmail.com or phoning 01395 277 007. Or you can fill in a form at the Post Office if you would prefer.

Whichever way, do it now.

Jane Goss-Custard and Harland Walshaw

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