Land to NW Courtlands Cross – Update

Land to NW Courtlands Cross – Update

Following a discussion with EDDC Planning Enforcement I am able to update events.

The activity was reported to EDDC who contacted the land owner. The Owner was not co-operative and consequently EDDC serverd a “Temporary Stop Notice” for the activity in the fields. this was posted by EDDC on the gate opposite the Courtlands Entrance some time between 3pm and 5:30pm Friday September 7th.

The Owner’s representative subsequently contacted EDDC and EDDC removed the stop notice on Monday. The Owner’s agent is reported as saying – “We have created the ‘Devonbank’ around the two fields to prevent the continuing vandalism which has been occurring to the maize crop… having failed to gain planning permission we are turning our attention to maintaining a commercially viable agricultural interest. The pond is required to enhance the irrigation of the crop which was suffering”. This is perfectly acceptable within the Owner’s rights on his land, so correctly EDDC removed the “Stop Notice”.

Since the Devonbank is only 1.5m it does not require Planning Permission (2m is the limit).

Further information always appreciated.

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