Local children talk about the message of Easter

Local children talk about the message of Easter

In a new and, we hope, regular, feature the Lympstone School newshounds bring you the news from the school playground.  Here is their first piece…

The playground was noisy and everyone seemed to be having some sort of adventurous fun. When asked, “What does Easter mean to you?” we received a range of different answers from children aged four to eleven. We expected the children, especially the youngest, to think that chocolate, random bunny visits and a break from school would be the most popular answers.

We are pleased to report that the children at our school seem to have good knowledge of the Religious messages that Easter brings.

“Jesus is important because he died for us,” one 7-year-old said. “The life of Jesus is told in a story and part of it is when he was crucified and rose again,” added an eleven-year-old girl who commented while she was passing by.

We interviewed many children in the playground and even a meal time assistant who said, with a twinkle in her eye, “The bunny is coming!” She also said that Jesus’ death was the beginning of everything beautiful and she was happy to talk with children around her about the messages of the Easter Story.

We know that the egg is the symbol of new life and that is why chocolate is given at Easter time. Some people choose not to take part in the Religious Festival of Easter, but they still spend time with their families and build special memories.

In school, this week we have been studying a part of the story in each class. In Class 6, we have looked at the theme of betrayal and knowing that you may have to do something which you do not want to. It could be admitting the truth or being honest with yourself. On Friday in the Church each class will present work or art on the themes that they have studied. Charlotte and Harry said, “We have really enjoyed the themed week in RE, as we have had time to experience new things and take more time for discussion.”

“I hope everyone in Lympstone has a special time with their families this Easter!” added Scarlett

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Charlotte Abrahams, Scarlett Richards, George Mitchell and Harry Bainbridge

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