Lympstone Living Advent Calendar

Lympstone Living Advent Calendar

LYMPSTONE LIVING ADVENT 2021, a second sparkling year 

  • Deadline for particpants to sign up is now Saturday 6th November.

It was such good fun heading out each evening last December to see the village gradually lighting up, window by sparkling window. There was always good reason to visit the churchyard too as their tableau unfolded daily, often with entertaining results.

While we all want this Christmas season to mean precious time with family and friends, let’s light up Lympstone again with festive windows that the whole community can enjoy.

Learning from last years event, lighting up the windows will be shortened to 5 – 8pm each day and will end on 31st December to make it easier to take part. Additionally, to avoid disappointment, we will happily double up the number of window ‘openings’ each day if more than 24 homes and businesses volunteer. You could even get together with neighbouring houses to create a mini spectacular like Summer Meadow’s ‘12 Days of Christmas’ last year!

As with last year, you need to have a window clearly visible from the street or other outside space to allow the decorated scene to be viewed safely. There is no theme, so windows can be religious or non-religious, funny or topical, just not rude or offensive please.
The church is again planning to create an unfolding nativity scene and this year it would really welcome any life-size scarecrow type crowd scene characters or sheep to develop it further from Sunday 19th December. Everyone can to join in! Any contributions will need to be able to withstand the weather and ideally be hung from some wooden pole to be pitched into the ground and be portable in order to move around the churchyard.
All you have to do is email: lympstonelivingadvent@gmail or contact me at the address below.
The deadline is now Saturday 6th November to allow time for the trail map to be prepared and printed.
Doreen Murray
Burgmanns Hill

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