Lympstone Station Community Gardens

Lympstone Station Community Gardens

During the summer months the community gardens at the foot of the
embankment on Station Hill were a riot of colour. Sadly over the
winter some of them had become neglected and overgrown. Three
volunteers spent some hours recently weeding the gardens and getting
them into a fit state to be “adopted” by villagers again.

Each plot is about 10ft x 2ft and affords an opportunity for you to
have your own input into how the village looks. Perhaps you don’t
have a garden and would relish a little plot to care for. Or perhaps
you see it as an opportunity to let the children have some practical
experience of gardening. Whatever your motive, we would love to hear
from you if you feel you would like to be part of this project.

Many thanks to the gardeners who still maintain their plots, which
all of us greatly enjoy as we pass by, to Dawn Chapman for her
continuing work on the embankment, and to Chris Barnacle for

Viv and Tony Day
Station Adoption Project

Contact: 268653 or

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