Marine exercise in Lympstone

Marine exercise in Lympstone

Royal Marine Young Officer Batch 2010 will be conducting a military exercise in Lympstone village. This will be the same exercise that was conducted in 2010. The Young Officers are two months away from completing their training and this is part of their final test exercise. The aim of using Lympstone Village is to give the Young Officers a new environment to work in and additional complexities such as interacting with a real civilian population and working with the local authorities (Police and Fire Brigade).

The outline activities and timings are as follows:

Monday 24 Oct

0730h – Build Operating Base at the Scout Hut on Cliff Field.

This will involve military tents and barbed wire around the base.

1300h – Young Officers start patrolling the village.

1800h – First meeting with village council.

Tuesday 25 Oct

0930h to 1200h – Road Traffic Incident at Gibraltar Road.

The road will be closed from 1030h to 1200h.

2130h – Pub Snatch – Swan Inn.

Wednesday 26 Oct

0100h – 0500h – Searches of Candy’s Field and a military house.

0730h – Final meeting with village council.

0830h – 1130h – Dismantle operating base.

There will be a member of staff based at the Scout Hut at all times during the exercise. If anybody does not want to be involved with, or observe the exercise please avoid these areas at the stated times. However, the Young Officers will be patrolling all over the village, so there will be plenty of opportunity to interact with them.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Major Alex Maclay on 01392 414239, or 07787004300.

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