Moguls, mayhem and movies…

Moguls, mayhem and movies…

The second in a series of Lympstone Lectures will tell the story of Hollywood, from the Early Days to the Golden Years. It will be given by Lympstone resident Martin Fisher, who has had a life-long career in BBC production, ending up as Head of Radio Light Entertainment and Head of Comedy in BBC Television. He explains his passion for films:

“A misspent youth of cinema-going, followed by my job as a producer in BBC Radio, where I was able to pursue my passion via programmes like Movie-go-Round and the Monday Movie Quiz, has left me with an incurable addiction to films. I have always had a bias towards Hollywood movies, and where once films vanished into the vaults after one release, the advent of DVDs has re-opened the treasure house of the Dream Factory and its contents and aroused my curiosity about the early decades and how it all came about, especially the extraordinary group of men known as the “Movie Moguls”.

Martin is well-known in the village for his brilliant and entertaining introductions to the monthly Movie Matinées, which he organises for the Film Society. On Tuesday, 5th April there will be a chance to hear him in the Village Hall talking at greater length, with the assistance of over 80 slides. Entrance is only £3, and there will be a licensed bar and tea and coffee.

Harland Walshaw

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