Neighbourhood Plan Update

We have now completed “THE CONSULTATION PHASE”.

The next stage in the process is “TO REPORT TO THE PARISH COUNCIL”. This is for their agreement to all the changes we have made to The Plan as a result of the Consultation Process.

With 127 responses it has not been an easy task incorporating them, where appropriate, into The Plan.  These are a summary of the responses received and the comments of the Working Party.
>Responses to Consultation – Individuals + Retorts
>Responses to Consultation – Groups + Retorts

Please watch the web site on Tuesday onwards next week as more information on the Neighbourhood Plan is posted.

The intended dates of note are:

September 2nd = Report to Parish Council

September 9th = Parish Council to discuss in detail the revised plan and Appendices

September 20/21 = Exhibition in Village Hall of the “Final Plan” – that is the Plan signed off by the Parish Council and ready for presentation to EDDC.


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