New Cub Scout Pack for 1st Lympstone Scouts!

New Cub Scout Pack for 1st Lympstone Scouts!

Such has been the popularity of the new Beaver Scout Colony in Lympstone, that the village is to have a new Cub pack starting on Tuesday, March 6th running between 6 and 7.30pm and led by Gary Borrie and Mike Hales.

Parents have agreed to volunteer to help on a rota basis.

Initially, the enrolled Cubs already in the Beaver Colony will be the first to join making a pack of eight followed later by those on the waiting list bringing numbers up to about 16.

It is hoped that the Beaver Colony can be kept to 16 – which is a manageable number, but we are hoping that parents will put their children’s names on the waiting list from age five, so that those that move on to Cubs can be replaced. Beavers run from ages six to eight and Cubs from ages eight to ten.

To join the waiting list email Beaver leader Catherine Escott on:

The group would like more volunteers to train as leaders, so that we can start Scouts (age 10 up) as soon as possible.

To volunteer call Pete Hardy on 01395 270157.

The group would also like to hear from any former Scouts who wish to be involved in the celebrations for this year’s centenary of Scouting in the village.

As part of the fundraising planned for the year the Beavers will be holding an Easter Bingo evening at the village hall on Thursday, April 5th from 6.30pm, eyes down at 7pm. All families welcome whether involved in Beaver Scouts or not. Also welcome would be any Guides or Brownies and their families. Refreshments available. Plenty of chocolate to be won!

Pete Hardy

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