New kitchen for the village hall

New kitchen for the village hall

In just under two years we have raised £39,000 towards the refurbishment and improvement of the hall. This is a wonderful achievement – well done Lympstone and many thanks to all who have helped achieve this.

There have been so many clever ideas for fundraising; two of the most recent being a donation of the surplus from a Poker evening, and Pig Racing booked to take place on the evening of Saturday, October 8th, in the Village Hall. This promises to be a really fun evening for all the family. We have also been delighted to receive a most generous donation of £1,500 from the Garden Club which has really helped to keep the momentum going with the appeal.

We already have £12,000 available for the works on the new kitchen out of the total of £15,000 that needs to be raised; the rest of the £28,000 cost will come from the hall’s own funds. The works start at the end of July. Any shortfall would come from the hall reserves – kept for emergencies – and would be repaid from future fundraising.

We are so close to the sum needed; just £3,000 short. If you feel you can help by making a donation please write a cheque to ‘LVH Fund Raising’ and deliver it to me, Suki Commin, at Merrylands, Burgmanns Hill, or alternatively to Don Mildenhall at Metherells, Underhill. All donations will be acknowledged.

Please help us to raise the final £3,000.

Suki Commin – Village hall fundraising team

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