Opposition to the Estuary Trail

Opposition to the Estuary Trail

Many of you will have seen the TV and press coverage about Lympstone’s efforts to get an additional safe route for the Exe Estuary Trail through the village. Any reporting tends to put their own slant on the issue, so just to be  clear the Trail Action Group position, which is supported by the Parish Council, is that the development of a route along the railway line with clear access points to the village would benefit everyone.

It would enable commuter cyclists, joggers and others who don’t wish to stop in the village to pass by more quickly with less risk of incident, while residents and visitors wishing to enter the village can do so easily. The village will therefore remain a safe and attractive environment, and visitors will continue to enjoy the services of the local businesses. We are not anti cyclist and we welcome people to the village.  If you support the development of an alternative route remember to sign the petition – there will be a copy at Londis and at the Post Office until the end of December.

The Accident Book is also still in the Post Office and it is important that we keep records of accidents and near misses to provide evidence of the safety risks – so if you witness an accident please record the details there or email them to patsquire12@hotmail.com


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