PACT – Police and Communities Together

PACT – Police and Communities Together

PACT is a group of people who have been selected to represent the community of Lympstone. Meetings take place at periods throughout the year to discuss any issues or concerns that arise and to bring forward any problems that the community might have. These meetings have been used to organise the Royal Marines Exercise which took place successfully for the first time this year. The meetings are advertised and are open to members of the public, should they wish to attend.

Dog Fouling in Candy’s Field was raised as an issue and work took place with the dog warden who has been attending the area. Persons who were identified were visited by environmental health and the dog warden and made aware that tickets could be issued if they do not clear up after their dog. Education had been done and I believe signing place by the council.

At present we have no got any major concerns or problems in Lympstone which have been brought to the attention of the PACT panel. I would personally like to thank Rob Longhurst and all the PACT panel for attending the meetings and representing the community.

Bike Marking: Your Neighbourhood PCSOs recently held a bike marking session at the local primary school, which was well attended and over 30 bikes were property marked with our equipment.

We have had a number of burglaries in the Mid and East Devon area in recent weeks. Lympstone has been subject to one burglary and two attempted burglaries. The properties that are being targeted tend to be vacant and jewellery and money seem to be the target. Please can I remind all residents to secure their properties, do not leave large amounts of money or jewellery in the property and if you are going away to alert either a trusted friend or neighbour to regularly check the property. It is recommended that you also inform your local neighbourhood watch co-ordinator if you have one in the area.

There has also been a spate of thefts in the rural area of farm/gardening equipment, trailers, fuel and boating equipment. Please remain vigilant and secure property. We encourage people to phone in if they see any persons or vehicle acting suspiciously.

Our Community messaging system is highly recommended and is simple and easy to use. The messages can be received by email or telephone at your convenience. This is a good way for residents to know what is happening in the area. The system is used regularly by Officers as you are the eyes and ears of the community and we need your help! If you would like to join please contact PCSO Sarah Trayhurn via email or leave a message and I will get a form to you.

PCSO Sarah Trayhurn 30110

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