Parish church news

Parish church news

The new Lympstone Parish Church website is now up and running and may be found at:

We hope soon to have a link to the village website which may be up and running by the time you read this. On the site you may find pictures of the stained glass and the spectacular view from the tower. Let us know what you would like to see and we may be able to respond to requests.

The Bishop of Exeter will be in Lympstone on Thursday 19th April, at 7.30 pm, when he will licence our new team vicar Rev Benedict Cambridge.

The church annual meeting takes place on Tuesday 24th April in the church at 7.15pm. The meeting is divided into two parts, the election of the church wardens and the annual church meeting. The first part is to elect the two church ‘wardens’ who are responsible for the building and running of the church for the next year. The meeting is open to every member of the Lympstone community, not just the church members. You may come and vote on the candidates. Wardens are elected for one year and we have three nominations already so an election is certain. If you wish to exercise your right as a villager please come to the meeting.

The meeting then closes and the church parochial meeting proceeds when only members of the church roll are eligible to take part. Anyone is welcome to attend, but only church members may vote. This meeting is able to question the officers, the accounts and representatives of the groups within the church. The report is prepared before the meeting and will be available in church well before the meeting date.

The Lent Lunches had full tables throughout the season. Any profit will be presented to the Open Door and St Petrock in Exeter.

The social/fundraising committee has an annual programme. See the weekly pew notices, under the arch or on the website for details and the banner in front of church for the Easter services.

Brian Mather

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