Parish Council latest – parking, trees and flowerbeds…

Parish Council latest – parking, trees and flowerbeds…

Extension to car parking at the Village Hall

The Parish Council, the Village Hall Management Committee, the Tennis Club and your local County Councillor, Bernard Hughes, are getting together to provide extra car parking on the triangle of land between the tennis courts and the entrance to Candy’s Field at the top of School Hill. Extra parking is needed to meet current demands but also to make sure that there is uninterrupted access for delivery vehicles to the School and Village Hall and for funeral cars to get to the cemetery with some dignity. The work may mean that an Oak Tree that was sponsored by the WI for the Golden Jubilee celebrations may have to be moved. A new location has not yet been identified. When the details have been agreed, they will be put out for comment before any work is carried out.

Trees in the Village

The Parish Council was angered to hear that trees in the Rectory Garden had been vandalised by ring barking. By removing a ring of bark from the tree, this will stop any further growth and will result in the death of the tree. So far, an application by the Diocese to fell two trees and reduce a third has been approved However, more trees are affected and these will also need to be dealt with to ensure that they are treated properly or replacements are secured. Unfortunately, despite reassurance to the contrary by an expert, an Oak tree in Candy’s Field now appears to be dead. No new growth has been seen this year. The Parish Council will now decide what to do about this at its next meeting on 18th July. Options are: to leave it where it is until it becomes dangerous, fell it and leave it where it falls as a natural climbing frame for children or fell it and remove it completely. The tree has honey fungus growth and so Dave Tyrrell, our Tree Warden has advised that any new tree should be planted at a reasonable distance away to avoid spreading this to the new tree.

Flower beds in the Village

For the past two years, the Parish Council has arranged planting and maintenance of flower beds in the Village. The cost of this has been met through sponsorship by local business and by volunteers. However, more volunteers are needed to make sure that beds are planted at the right time and maintained through the year. In that past, Lympstone was a keen competitor in the Britain in Bloom competition. We seem to be a long way from that enthusiasm now. If you feel that you could spare, say, an hour a week through the season, to maintain one flower bed, please give Cllr Peter Acca (07801 365097) a ring with you offer. The Parish Council will consider the future of the flower beds at its meeting on 18th July 2011 so if you are interested, a quick response would be appreciated.

Clerk to the Council: A J Le Riche

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