Parish Council news

Parish Council news

End of the Council

With the Parish Clerk away on holiday and elections in four weeks, this month’s Parish Council had something of an end-of-term feeling about it. The emphasis was on clearing up outstanding business and clearing the decks for a new Council in May. Add the complications of multiple Bank Holidays, a Royal Wedding, possibly a new Parish Council and you will understand some of the impending complications and why the date that the next Herald is going to be produced is still undecided. Contributors please note – the copy deadline may not be as shown below as this is dependant on the date of the next Council Meeting which is yet to be fixed.

A new Chairman and Vice Chairman will have to be elected by the Council and various committees set up after the 12th of May.

Another Charge

Devon CC is applying a charge of £2 a bag for certain classes of waste,  like builders rubble at the recycling centre. The Parish Council is writing to protest.

No Parties?

No details of Royal Wedding parties have been received. Do let us know if you have any planned, if only to ensure that there is no duplication of venues. Currently no public spaces have anything planned.

Chris Carter

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